Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America

Stacey Stanchfield

Stacey Stanchfield

Lead Cybersecurity Engineer

The MITRE Corporation


Stacey Stanchfield is a Lead Cyber Security Engineer with the MITRE Corporation. She has experience in developing collaborative relationships with federal, state and regional stakeholders. She led efforts to further critical infrastructure security and resilience by developing common continuum for cross sector resilience. She has spearheaded working groups that engaged state, local, federal and private sector participants to increase cybersecurity threat awareness and to identify sources of assistance to critical infrastructure owners and operators. She has worked with the Federal government to develop national policies to ensure priority response and recovery in the cybersecurity workspace and determining future capabilities. She has developed and facilitated table top exercises that stimulated information sharing over cross border multi-jurisdiction boundaries. Her training and expertise is focused on the interdependence of cyber physical systems in lifeline functions in order to identify and define catastrophic cascades and to increase resiliency.