Frédéric Petit

Dr. Frédéric Petit

Principal Infrastructure Analyst/ Research Scientist

Argonne National Laboratory

United States

Frédéric Petit is a Research Scientist specializing in critical infrastructure interdependencies and resilience at Argonne National Laboratory. With a background in earth sciences and civil engineering, Dr. Petit has focused on risk management and business continuity since 2002. Dr. Petit leads the development of methodologies for the assessment of preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery, and overall resilience capabilities of facilities, communities, and regions. He also lends his expertise to work on risk, vulnerability and threat analysis of critical infrastructure. Dr. Petit received his PhD from the École Polytechnique de Montreal in Civil Engineering, focusing on vulnerability analysis techniques for critical infrastructure and dependencies on cybernetics. Dr. Petit is member of various program committees for conferences, such as the Symposium on Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics (RMCI) and the Society of American Military Engineers Critical Infrastructure Symposium (CIS), and has recently been appointed Regional Director for North America of the International Association of Critical Infrastructure Protection Professionals (IACIPP).