Andrea Chiappetta

Andrea Chiappetta

Executive Director / Professor of Geopolitcs 

ASPISEC / Marconi International University


Graduated in International Economics, PhD in Economy and Istitution, act as professor in Geopolitcs Economy at Marconi International University being also the Director of the Cyber Security Observatory on Critical Infrastructure Protection of the Marconi International University (CSOCIP).

Andrea is the Executive Director of ASPISEC, company specialized in Cyber security, in particular on Firmware Security and critical infrastructure protection.

Andrea has acquired a qualified experience in transport and infrastructures, where managed as lead, and partner, more then 10 EU projects of common interest following the development of new Motorways of the sea routes, Intelligent Transport System and freight transport.

As partner of European Services Institute coordinated the research activties of the DoMuS district specialized in Security and Energy.

Andrea partecipaed as speaker in several international conference and published papers and articles.