Adrian Fielding

Adrian Fielding
Global Marketing Director – Integrated Protective Solutions
Honeywell Process Solutions
United Kingdom

Adrian Fielding is the Global Marketing Director for Integrated Protective Solutions. He has been part of the Global Industrial Security initiative with Honeywell for more than 11 years. As well as leading the TSI consulting team, Adrian is responsible for the coordination of Honeywell’s strategic partners, business development and product marketing of key solutions for the protection of large- and medium-sized operations. This includes, but is not limited to: refineries, pipelines, power plants, chemical plants, on- and off-shore facilities, and industrial ports.

Adrian has a strong technical background, which he acquired from 10 years of service as an Avionics Engineer with the Royal Air Force.

Presentation: Effective & Efficient Perimeters – Radar Video Surveillance

Today, managing an effective facility is about maximizing security without slowing commerce. Optimizing a security project from engineering, design, construction and deployment requires an integrated solution of the most effective technologies (MET) to reduce project cost and risk. Honeywell delivers both.

Honeywell is recognized as a global leader in critical infrastructure protection technology. From airports, seaports and LNG facilities to power plants, chemical manufacturing sites and other sensitive industrial environments – from correctional facilities to border protection and a wide range of critical government applications, wherever perimeter intrusion and asset protection is demanded, professionals need to be at the leading edge of technology to optimize effectiveness and efficiency of their security systems and ensure project success.

Honeywell’s Radar Video Surveillance (RVS) system is helping to detect, track and respond to potential threats. Advanced radar and video technology covers a wider range of a facility, from the perimeter to the inner core of the operations center. And because RVS is an automated system, resources are greatly increased. Put simply, RVS will help you run a more efficient, cost-effective, secure operation.