Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America


The venue for the 2017 CIPRNA Conference will be the world renowned and highly prestigious Kennedy Space Center:

Center for Space Education
Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex
Cape Canaveral

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The Kennedy Space Center provides an excellent host location for the discussion of Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience, as one of America’s foremost locations for R&D and emergency preparedness, including NASA, the Global Institute for Cyber Security & Research (GICSR), Department for Homeland Security,National Critical Infrastructure Protection Advisory Council (CIPAC), Global Situational Awareness Center (GSAC), amongst other organisations, based at the center.

After five decades, NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center continues to lead America’s adventure into space and is an integral part of the country’s national infrastructure and security programs.

As the Kennedy Space Center is transforming to a multiuser spaceport to support both government and commercial customers, the center is looking toward the future as a dynamic infrastructure takes shape, designed to host many kinds of spacecraft and rockets sending people, satellites and equipment into space.

NASA’s Ground Systems Development and Operations Program will provide 21st century ground systems for processing and launch. NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP) will continue to procure Expendable Launch Vehicles to enable satellites and robotic missions on their journey to learn more about our home planet and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Kennedy will continue to support International Space Station operations as the orbiting laboratory enters its second decade of discoveries. Kennedy is spearheading the way to return NASA astronauts to low-Earth orbit in safe, reliable and affordable space transportation systems through NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP).

The Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program was implemented at Kennedy to modernize its facilities for multiple commercial and government customers. The goal of the GSDO Program is to transform the Florida launch and range complex by implementing a focused set of investments to its infrastructure, creating a multiuse spaceport of choice for NASA and other users. The program aligns with the needs of civil, national security, and commercial enterprises, ultimately extending to the international space community.

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center remains a very significant economic driver and a major contributor to the economic health of the state of Florida. Analysis of the Fiscal Year 2012 expenditures concludes that overall NASA activities and ones specifically related to Kennedy across Florida contribute about $1.3 billion in wages and purchases to the state economy.
The Kennedy Space Center is the ideal location to host the inaurgural Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America and look at the challenges and issues faced in todays world of heightened situational threats.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex