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Guy Buesnel

Guy Buesnel

PNT Security Technologist

Spirent Communications

United Kingdom

In his role as a PNT Security Technologist, Guy is responsible for developing Spirent’s approach to address the issues of GNSS vulnerability such as Jamming, Spoofing and Cyber-attack. Guy has more than 16 years’ experience working protecting GNSS Receivers from emerging threats, having started his career as a Systems Engineer involved in the development of GPS Adaptive Antenna Systems for Military Users at Raytheon Systems Limited in the UK. Guy has a BSc Honours degree in Physics with Atmospheric Physics from The University of Wales Aberystwyth and a Masters Degree in Communications Engineering from The University of Birmingham.  Guy is a Chartered Physicist, and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation in 2015 for his services to GNSS vulnerabilities.