Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America


2018 Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America topics of discussion included:

Plenary Session Topics

Resilience Strategies in CI
The ability to adapt to changing conditions and prepare for the unexpected will help us more rapidly recover from disruption. Resilience against changing threats, whether cyber or physical, is essential for CI to ensure mitigating economic impacts of disruption. What are the latest ideas and plans in developing resilience strategies?

Planning & Operational Resilience
Only by properly recognising and measuring day to day as well as long term risks, are we able to properly implement the sophisticated measures necessary to mitigate risk and build resilience. That could mean anything from plotting climate change to make sure that critical infrastructure is built in a safe location for many years into the future, to ensuring communications satellites are hardened against cyber attacks.

PPP & Collaboration in CIP and CIIP (or Inter-agency cooperation and coordination)
With many critical infrastructures in the hands of private organisations, how does the responsibility of security and resilience lie between government, with public accountability to keep them safe, secure and operational 24/7, and the private operator, with additional responsibilities towards shareholders? How can improving the communication between the public sector and private sector enhance protection and can incentives be employed to better engage private owners into PPP?

Crisis Coordination, Management & Response
Planning and preparation is the key to ensuring that CI operators have the right equipment, processes and procedures in place to respond in the event of an emergency. Coordination and information sharing is essential for situational awareness and can improve the planning process. How do we better coordinate and co-operate to enhance protection and resilience.

CIP Breakout Topics

Emerging Threats on CNI
The ever changing nature of threats, whether natural, through climate change, or man-made through terrorism activities, means the need to continually review and update policies, practices and technologies to meet these growing demands. But what are those emerging threats and how can we identify, monitor and manage their levels of potential damage?

Insider Threat & The Human Asset
Critical Infrastructure can only be successfully run and secured by people and often they are the forgotten element within planning and security of CI. People are the most valuable asset in any organization, but may also be your most significant vulnerability. How can you ensure systems are in place to ensure your most valuable asset are your biggest threat? How can human assets be enhanced to add value and security?

Space Based CI
As we rely more and more heavily on satellites for communications, navigation and observation, the requirement to ensure that space based systems are both secure and resilient becomes more urgent. Space based systems also have a growing role in CI resilience.

Technologies to Detect, Protect & Enhance Capabilities
What are some of the latest and future technologies, from ground surveillance to space based technology, to predict or detect potential threats to CNI, whether natural or terrorist related.

CIIP / Cyber Security Breakout Topics

Cyber Security Regulations & Legislation
As the threat of cyber-attacks by state actors grows ever higher and attacks by criminals and malicious rogue players continues unabated the need to put in place robust legislation and standards and best practise becomes all the more urgent.

Emerging Cyber Threats & Trends
The digital age has opened up immense new opportunities for criminal activity, providing numerous communications channels and instant access to critical information and data. But what are the latest threats in the cybersecurity space and what are the future trends likely to be in attacks on our critical information infrastructure.

Cyber Threat Analysis, Monitoring & Preparedness
The ability to monitor the cyber threats to CNI can greatly assist the operators and agencies better prepare their defences against cyber attacks on systems and information/data. What is the latest strategic perspective on cyber monitoring and cyber defences for enhancing CIIP?

IT/OT Integration, Scada/ICS & AI
With increasing use of SCADA systems and the modernisation of smart grid and other industry systems utilising IT, how can the Operation Technology (OT) domain remain totally secure with greater access from internet insecurity? How can Artificial Intelligence play a contributing role in CIP?