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Certified Training

Certified Training Workshop
Tuesday December 5th
“Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience: Partnerships for Dynamic Threat Environments”

Cost of half day course, including refreshments – US$295 (early bird price $250)

This workshop is worth 1.5 continuing education credits (CEUs).

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Private- and public-sector organizations of the 21st century face a complex risk environment of manmade and naturally occurring hazards.  The networked capabilities of critical infrastructure are inherently vulnerable—domestically, internationally, within and across sectors.  System attributes, operational environments, international supply chains, and sector interconnections require special human capital capabilities in the areas of risk assessment and mitigation, interdisciplinary competence, decision making, management and leadership.  Securing and protecting critical infrastructure requires unprecedented partnership between the private and public sectors.  The unique demands of these capabilities requires professionals whose competence areas have been well developed and certified.

This half day workshop provides an introduction to the principles, strategies, systems, and practical applications of critical infrastructure security and resilience (CISR) from an all-hazards perspective. Workshop attendees will explore the following:

• Strategic elements of the 21st century risk environment
• Challenges and opportunities presented by public-private partnerships and information sharing
• Risk analysis and management in complex and interdependent systems
• Intra-government and international collaboration
• Business continuity and incident management

The workshop will promote critical analysis and decision-making skills, and build awareness of changing critical infrastructure dynamics for immediate application.

In addition, this workshop is worth 1.5 continuing education credits (CEUs) toward the IACIPP credential.

The workshop has been created for the event in collaboration with the International Association of CIP Professionals

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Mark Troutman, Ph.D., Director
Christie Jones, M.S., Education Program Manager
Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security
George Mason University